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P×P×P Pure Nissan-Soft Q elastic transparent sucker simulation penis · Exquisite and compact 9CM! | Recommended for beginners 🔰

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はじめてのディルドとしても、アナルにもオススメな1本、リアルな造形でプニっとした弾力の吸盘つきディルド! !
Highly recommended for vagina and anus dildos, with realistic shapes and elastic suction cups, Q elastic compact and sensual comfortable penis! !


① Extremely realistic modeling "The veins of the veins and the folds of the foreskin and glans"
② Extremely real touch "The grip of a real penis is soft enough to bend into a U shape"
③ It is recommended for beginners to intermediate level. "Made in Japan, Japanese materials, safe and reliable"

    Made in Japan × Dildo made of Japanese materials is here. Every product is made with great care. Anyone can use it with peace of mind. It has a soft and elastic touch × ultra-real colors and unique shapes. The length of the penis part is 94 mm. The maximum diameter of the glans is 34 mm. It is also recommended for beginners with dildos and anal beginners. 

    Extremely realistic shape! The dildo with sucker is covered with wrinkles and blood vessels on the skin, and the penis has a moist feeling. From the small size for beginners to the medium size for intermediate players to the large size for advanced players, you can choose according to your preferences.

    A soft and highly elastic Q-elastic wet dildo, please wash gently before use and use it with lotion. (It is more comfortable to use thicker high viscosity lubrication LOTION.)

    "PUNIPUNI" wet dildo 9 cm is suitable for beginners, the maximum diameter is less than 3 cm, it is a thin and mini size. The shape is curved and there is no egg on the bottom. The diameter of the suction cup is about 6 cm, and the suction power is moderate. It is suitable for sticking it on the floor and is accustomed to inserting it by hand, not for women in top posture.※ This size is very suitable for anal sex, so if it fits your size, you can match it with other dildos.

    The P×P×P dildo series is recommended for those who want to use a dildo but don’t know how to choose, or those fairies who want to perform penetrating play without increasing the burden! Made in Japan! Please try it happily ♪


    ■Product size (mm)
    Vertical 105 Horizontal 60 Depth 60

    ■Product weight (g)

    ■Phallus size (mm)

    ■Phallic weight (g)

    Match your favorite penis, continuous operation for 60 minutes, low speed and high speed 2 modes
    Power on, simplified operation function, easy to use! You just need to close your eyes and feel each different impact
    With a fixed seat, free your hands and use any position you like, and enjoy various modes of piston movement!


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