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Feminine Capsules-Squirting · BURST-OUT | Mixed Ylang-Ylang Perfume

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そっと一粒、爱の液がほとばしる… オルガズムの前または最中に潮吹きを体験!
All you need is one pill, the love fluid overflows... Experience water spray before or during orgasm!


※Please insert this product into the vagina as a capsule. The capsule will melt naturally when placed in the vagina.
※Not edible. Please be careful not to put it in your mouth.
[Made in Japan]


 -product features-

  • After the AV actress uses the product and puts a capsule, you can also experience the pleasure of spraying during orgasm!
  • Ylang-Ylang perfume. It has a strange aroma and has an excellent calming effect on the skin.

 -Product desciption-

Essential oils containing extracts are enclosed in capsules and are a lubricating oil that can be used easily without soiling your hands. Just insert a capsule and after a few minutes, the essential oils will melt naturally. It is an easy-to-carry capsule type, so you can use it in any situation and anywhere.

-Instructions for use-

Put the capsule into the vagina for a few minutes and wait until the capsule automatically melts.


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