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Women's perfect orgasm CREAM-Squirting · Princess no pole | North America exclusive

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ひと涂りで無乱レディに大変身! 绝対イカせるクリームentry! ラブクリームの統极形が、めくるめく快楽女の夜るめく快楽女の夜るめく快楽女の夜を
Lascivious Lady will change her body immediately after application!  Extremely climax CREAM debut! LOVE CREAM ultimate form, invite her to spend a happy night!

-product features-

  • Apply directly on topAbsolutely stimulating effect of mellow ingredientsThere is no sense of violation and harmony
  • The overflowing love fluid, whispering one after another, non-stop all night!
  • Blended with instant moisturizing ingredients, such as horsetail, kudzu, Roman chamomile, raspberry extract, maca and donkat ant.
  • Soy isoflavones and easy-to-use plant-derived extracts such as rosemary and algae (seaweed).

-Product desciption-

In order to make the best night full of eroticism, artisans mix many love extracts with precise golden ratios. Tasteless, tasteless warm cream, packed in a small container, can be easily carried. Before playing, please apply an appropriate amount and immediately experience the passionate night. Made in Japan, imported from Japan, safe and reliable. "An Xin Toxin頼の日本制です". It's also available for men. Use it with your partner. The effect is great!

The "Absolute Orgasm" series will continue to pursue diversified sexual hobbies, and always pursue different methods and manufacturing methods. This kind of LOVE CREAM will melt the woman and bring a kind of excitement that has never been experienced during love.

-Commodity ingredients-

Glycerin, PG, purified water, water-soluble collagen, horse mackerel extract, horseshoe root extract/stem extract, garlic root extract, Hibamata extract, kudzu root extract, rosemary leaf extract, Roman chamomile flower Extract, algae extract, soybean seed extract, maca extract, Tongkat Ali extract, ethanol, phenoxyethanol, carbomer, iodide propynyl butyl carbamate, sodium hydroxide

-Product specifications-

Body size: H23 X W39 X D39mm
Contents: 12g
Packing size: H88×W50×D25mm
Total weight: 30g

-Instructions for use-

Spread a finger evenly on the private parts and nipples, and wait for absorption.


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