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极上女器#01-Caicheng Yuri Na | SEXY GIRLS AWARD

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ボリューム満点の重! The pleasure of inserting and (after inserting) Genmoto no 炁付けが is the best! !
Full of weight! The pleasure of insertion and the firmness of the roots (after insertion) are the best! !

-product features-

  • Selected TPE silicone, use without cover
  • Single-layer nameware inverted mold, durable
  • Through channel, strong sucking force
  • Comes with the actress's kinky smelly lubricating love fluid 120ML, and the actress' small poster

-Product desciption-

"Realistic entrance"; regular circular folds, real and adaptable
"Chaotic Space"; wide passages, big fleshy stimuli, soft, strong sense of wrapping
"Shrinkage channel"; horizontal wrinkles, tighten the space
"End Space"; a strong sense of sucking and contraction 

-Product specifications-

Inner box: Actress sex organs Actress kinky smelly lubricating love fluid 120ml Actress poster
Outer box: 14.0cm×21.0cm×8.0cm
Total weight: about 600g




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