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Completely Famous Device-#01 Fujii Sydney | Completely 2 Hole Reappearance

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The next-generation technology of 3D キャンを駆車し, Fujii シェリーのヴァギナ, アナルを is completely reproduced! !
Use next-generation 3D scanning technology to completely reproduce Shirley Fujii's vagina and anus! !

-product features-

  • Next-generation 3D scanning technology
  • Popular actress' private parts faithfully reproduce
  • Exclusive endorsement by well-known Japanese av actress-Fujii Sydney
  • Simulator feels like a real person
  • Thick and compact internal design, enjoy layers of stimulation
  • Comes with 100ML imitating Fujii Sydney real scent color and viscosity love liquid, and Fujii Sydney small poster (completely waterproof)

-Product desciption-

Shirley Fujii's famous instrument with a carcass design, lying there quietly, like a work of art, even the belly button is lifelike, while rubbing and rubbing Shirley Fujii's chest, it is so cool, the perfect sexy body is fully presented , The continuous complex structure of the two holes and the thick fleshy feeling will make your little head rubbing outside. The angle and the size of the hole are all measured, which can cover your baby. The fleshy wall of the small acupuncture path is cumberly folded, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of being covered and sucked inside. The normal position, the back position, the riding position, the forward insertion, and the reverse insertion are constantly changing. One position, the pleasure instantly changes to another realm. The tactile sensation of the internal structure of the posterior courtyard can be felt as large particles of flesh scattered in every corner.

-Product specifications-

Inner box: Fujii Sydney Sacred Artifacts Fujii Sydney 100ml Lubricating Liquid, Fujii Sydney Signature Poster (completely waterproof)
Outer box: 14.2cm×23.0cm×10.8cm
Total weight: about 800g



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