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Terms of service

1. Scope and changes of this agreement
The agreement involves the use of mail order sites.
When you visit our store, our company believes that you have agreed to these terms.
Please note that the content of this agreement may be changed as needed, so please check the latest terms and conditions before use.

2. Use/contract of online shopping site "ADULTISHOP.COM"
Our shop is only open to people over 18 years old.
When the customer completes the ordering process in our store, a sales contract will be concluded between the customer and us.
However, please see 7. If we confirm that this matter is consistent with prohibited matters or violations of this agreement, or we determine that there are other reasons, we can cancel the contract.
In addition to the above, if a customer causes damage to us due to improper or illegal behavior, we will be able to reasonably demand compensation for the damage caused to the customer.

3. Online shopping site" ADULTISHOP.COMDiscontinuation/delay
In the following cases, we may suspend business without prior notice or without the customer's consent.
(1) When the store's system maintenance is performed regularly or urgently.
(2) When services cannot be provided due to natural disasters, incidents, power outages or other reasons.
(3) When we judge that the service needs to be temporarily suspended due to operational or other reasons.

4. copyright
Customers can only use any information obtained from this store, but not for other purposes, and it is prohibited to copy, reprint, distribute, sell, modify or otherwise infringe copyright.

5. About returns and exchanges
We are fully prepared for the delivery, but if you accidentally deliver or fail initially, please contact us as soon as possible.
(1) If the delivery is wrong, please contact us within 7 days after the item arrives. Only unopened items will be exchanged or returned.
(2) For obvious initial defects within 7 days after arrival, we will accept exchanges or returns. However, please note that in the following cases, we do not accept exchanges or returns.
※Products that have been used once ※When certain products, accessories, packaging, etc. are discarded, lost, damaged or severely soiled due to customer handling.
※Dry batteries, condoms and other consumables ※For
Convenient for customers to return and exchange products
※In any case, we will bear the freight

6. About sales quantity and inventory
After placing the order, the items in the inventory may be out of stock due to repeated telephone orders.
For the handling in this case, please refer to "7. Handling when there is no stock" in this agreement.

Out-of-stock items will be ordered and it will take 2-10 days to ship. caution.
※Please note that in some cases, the manufacturer may be out of stock, in this case, we will adopt the cancellation procedure.

7 Handling when out of stock
If the product is out of stock after you order, please contact us via email or phone to find out the order quantity, product delivery date and payment term.

8. From payment to arrival
[payment method]
When shopping in our store, you can choose the following 3 payment methods.
(1) Cash on delivery
(2) Mailbox transfer...We will ship the goods after confirming the payment. The customer is responsible for paying the transfer fee.
(3) Credit card payment... VISA /MASTER/American Express card.
※The name of this store is not specified in the instructions for use.

[Receipt designation]
In addition to the specified address, you can also receive the item at the corresponding logistics partners such as CANADA POST, UPS, EMS.
※Usually, the storage period is about one week, so please visit us as soon as possible. Get ID card (document/passport/health insurance card) and stamp.
※If you are unable to pick up the goods due to your own circumstances, please contact the designated post office or sales office as soon as possible. The storage period can be extended (2 to 3 days).
※If you have not received the item to replace it and return it to us, please specify the shipping method again. In this case, the freight will be borne by the customer.

*Please note that if the item is returned or re-transported due to customer reasons, the actual shipping cost will be paid. (The actual shipping cost will be calculated and notified here. If you want to return the goods, please pay at the next order.)

9. Prohibited matters
We prohibit customers from using the following items.
(1) Use by people under 18
(2) Acts that interfere with the operation of our store
(3) Criminal acts or acts related to criminal acts, or possible executions.
(4) False declaration and filing
(5) Use our store for commercial activities or behaviors for profit or preparations
(6) Acts that damage the reputation or credibility of a third party or our company
(7) Acts that may cause harm or damage to third parties or the company, or may cause such acts
(8) Acts that infringe or may infringe the property or proprietary of a third party or company.
(9) Behaviors that use or provide harmful programs (such as computer viruses), or behaviors that may cause such behaviors
(10) Acts that violate domestic or international laws or regulations, or may cause such acts.
(11) Other actions deemed inappropriate by the company

10. Disclaimer
(1) If the customer suffers any damage due to using our store, we will not be liable for any loss, except for the case of return or exchange.
(2) The risk of using the products sold in this shop is borne by the customer, and the company is not responsible for any accidents or damage caused by the use of this product.
(3) Due to the manufacturer's situation, the products handled by this shop may be cancelled or partially changed without notice.
(4) The customer is responsible for managing the registered email address and password. The company is not responsible for damages caused by the use of registered email addresses and passwords, leakage or authorized use.
(5) We are not responsible for any damages to customers caused by system interruption/interruption/stop production/data loss due to communication line or computer failure or the right to access data.
(6) If a customer causes damage to a third party through the use of our store, we will take the customer's responsibility and expense to solve the problem, and will not harm us.
11. About the main points
In our store, only customers who are registered as members can participate in discounts or sweepstakes according to the email campaign CODE

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