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Men's Gold Extra Strength-Guarana Purified 100%

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単独エキス100%で、終极リッチにグレードアップ!男を見せたいアナタに! High concentration of nourishing ingredients, extracting out した,信頼の made in Japan!
100% independent extraction liquid, upgrade to the extreme GREAT UP! For those who want to show masculinity! Extracted highly concentrated nutrients and reliable ingredients made in Japan essence drops!

-product features-

※An Xin and Xin頼のMade in Japan です | Contains special ingredients, please inquire customer service for details

  • Great rigidity!   The greatest rigidity! Rigid Maximum: The Power of Max! 
  • Tonight, you can! Always maintain the hard state of Max MAX!
  • Extracted from the world's largest tropical rain forest Amazon essence, purified into Japan's "King of Love Supplement"!
  • Made in Japan, sold in Japan, and safe to use. It’s also available for women, and you can use it with your partner. The effect is great!

-Product desciption-

Say goodbye to the awkward night! 100% high purity, high quality single substance extract! Simply drop a dose and mix it into the drink to show the strongest masculinity tonight and completely capture her heart!

-Product specifications-

Contents: 0.5ml×1
Packing size: H105×W70×D10.5mm
Total weight: 4g

-Instructions for use-

Please drop this product into other beverages (wine, coffee, tea, juice, etc.) and mix for drinking.

This is a mini package, so you can keep it secretly in a bag or pocket.


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