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Shenxian Water for Women-Extremely Top · Continuous Orgasm Type (Asparagus Extract) | Made in Japan

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Let women liberate the indecent nature of Dettol! Originally only sold LOVE drops in Japan. NEW; The top, the famous instrument and the whole body mucosa. Now available in North America! !

-Product function-

【Extremely high · Continuous orgasm type / Extremely high · Continuous アクメタイプ】

Stimulate female sexual behavior: continuous orgasm and multiple orgasms.
Continuous orgasm and multiple orgasms: Containing asparagus mixed extract formula can stimulate female sexual pleasure.

--- A supplementary drink from Tokyo Metropolis to enhance the fun of late night.

-product features-

※An Xin and Xin頼のMade in Japan です | Contains special ingredients, please inquire customer service for details

  • Keep you in a constant orgasm, It is easier to get the pleasure of LOVE!
  • Made in Japan, sold in Japan, and safe to use. It's also available for men. Use it with your partner. The effect is great!

-Product desciption-

No matter how licentious, it is a manifestation of love! High-quality multi-material extracts! Just drop a dose and mix it into the drink, and he can become the woman he likes tonight!

A mixed essence drop lotion made by carefully selecting several natural source ingredients and purifying them with high concentration. Please choose according to your purpose...

-Product specifications-

Contents: 0.5ml×4 sticks, a bag of 4 sticks

-Instructions for use-

Please drop this product into other beverages (wine, coffee, tea, juice, etc.) and mix for drinking.

Use times: 1~2 sticks each time

This is a mini package, so you can keep it secretly in a bag or pocket. [信頼の日本制リキッド!]

※ Due to different personal physiques, this product cannot guarantee 100% effects for all users.


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