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アナリスト Electric Anal Stick-Analist008 | Premium Texture · Super Pleasure

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無対イカせるアナルバイブでどんな相手も 対い撃ち! Adopted for medical treatment, エネマグッズ!
Aim at any opponent with an anal stick that will definitely make you orgasm! Using medical grade silicone, cost-effective anal sex product!

Natsuko Mishima male anal blame! From beginners to enthusiasts, this is a very comfortable anal sex product.


-Product Features-

Numerous elastic bumps rub your interior firmly.
The convex part of the shape specially used for anal stimulation can also stimulate the prostate.
It can be bent to any angle by using a flexible arm.

-Product desciption-

Simple is the best Anal goods!! The best and most convenient anal goods!!
The Analist series that shocked the world! Definitely the top comfortable anal massage stick!

The outer surface is made of medical grade silicon, which provides a safe and reliable feeling and sufficient durability!
The flexible arm-mounted type can achieve precise prostate stimulation that is difficult to achieve with the traditional straight type.

Just unscrew the bottom cover, anyone can immediately enjoy the stepless vibration adjustment.
Anal massage stick in pursuit of usability and reliability!

The powerful motor can vibrate the entire lower abdomen, allowing you to enjoy unlimited vibration power just by rotating the bottom cover.

Body size: 177mm in total length
Diameter: 31 mm
Insertion diameter: 25-31 mm
Weight: 99g
Number of motors: 1
Packing size: H215 x W73 x D35mm
Total weight 171g
Power supply: 2 AAA batteries (for operation check)




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