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Pt Silver Ion-Special Lubricant for Anal | LOTION Made in Japan!

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Soft water use アナルローションで, 偗く気持ちいスベリ! 銀とプラチナのパワーで, sterilization, deodorization, anti-acidification!
A mild, comfortable and smooth anal lotion made of soft water, with silver and platinum effects, sterilization, deodorization and antioxidant effects!

-Product desciption-

A high-viscosity special lubrication for anal sexLotion , Suitable for soft anus, and has the functions of sterilization and deodorization.
The rich water is thinly stretched in the anus, and it is not easy to dry even during long-term exercise.
Silver and platinum are mixed to prevent the growth of bacteria and achieve a refreshing feeling.

Soft water-based lubrication [Water-Based], non-glycerin, non-silicone, non-oily, non-greasy, more delicate, and better protect the tender backyard.

The use of pointed caps makes it easier to replenish and use this product.
Apply an appropriate amount of lotion, the specifications are refreshing and will not be drawn due to viscosity
It can be wiped off quickly and easily cleaned up after use.

It is easy to use, please use it when you want to increase fun or play for a long time with natural moisture.

★Platinum nano colloid combination!

JAPAN's "Pt series" contains the most effective "platinum" in the "nano-colloid state", which is widely used in cosmetics and detergents.
Platinum purified to nanometers (1/10 billion meters) has the potential to act on odorous components, bacteria and viruses with strong reducing power.
Once attached, the effect on bacteria and odors will last for a long time, and if repeated, the effect can be further expected.

 -Product specifications-

Ingredients: purified water, PG, hydroxyethyl cellulose, silver, sodium bicarbonate, cellulose gum, menthol, camphor, platinum, propynyl iodide butyl carbamate
Contents: 100ml
Weight: 135 grams
Dimensions: H158 x W40 x D40mm

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