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ウーマンラブ-WomanLove White Japanese cunnilingus artifact | The highest sensitivity in history

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クリ専用! Vibration + Attraction, the highest sensitivity in history! AV actress JULIA recognized グッズ!
For the clitoris! Vibration + suction wave, the highest sensitivity ever! AV actress JULIA official merchandise!

〇Introduction [Clear attraction + vibration] WOMAN LOVE [One person, でも気持ちいい, alone can feel good. 】

You can safely reproduce the dreamy feeling of cunnilingus♪
The lightweight structure fits your hand and uses a rechargeable lithium battery, you can focus on PLAY without getting tired.
Place the suction port on your chest and turn on the switch once to experience the vibration and suction that you dream of!

Using a dial switch based on ergonomics, you can steplessly control the strength of suction according to your preferences!
You can enjoy it slowly with weak power for a long time, and you can also reach climax freely!

From the perspective of women who love to clean, the sucking mouth uses hygienic medical-grade silicon, which can be taken out and rinsed with water.
※The main body is not waterproof, so please be careful not to get the main body wet.

Anyway, please enjoy what only women can experience「ウーマンラブ WOMANLOVE」Ultimate fun.

Lightweight is achieved by installing lithium batteries.
The power source is rechargeable. It is a microUSB cable type charger.

Charging time 150 minutes, can be used continuously for 180 minutes
Accessories: host, microUSB cable for charging, instruction manual
Intake port: Silicon material

Body size: 170 x 45 x 50 mm, suction part: 17 x 12 mm, weight: 130 grams


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