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Pt silver ion-foam cleaner | disinfection and deodorization!

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Keep products clean and fresh for a long time! Multifunctional cleaner, can clean all kinds of items and sterilize, disinfect and deodorize all sex products!

-Product desciption-

In addition to the antibacterial, decomposing and deodorizing capabilities of silver ions, the powerful antioxidant and bactericidal capabilities of platinum are also added!
Multifunctional foam cleaner, can be used to clean various items.

Foam pushes, easy to clean used holes and vibration.
The high-quality foam wraps dirt and bacteria and immediately removes stickiness.

It has good foam breakage and can be easily washed off with a small amount of water.
Keep the products clean, keep them fresh and comfortable to use.

For items that cannot be washed with water, please apply foam and wipe with paper towels.
It can be widely used in home antibacterial, deodorant and virus countermeasures.

※Please check the waterproof performance before washing with water. In addition, please be careful not to leave bubbles.

★Platinum nano colloid combination!

JAPAN's "Pt series" contains the most effective "platinum" in the "nano-colloid state", which is widely used in cosmetics and detergents.
Platinum purified to nanometers (1/10 billion meters) has the potential to act on odorous components, bacteria and viruses with strong reducing power.
Once attached, the effect on bacteria and odors will last for a long time, and if repeated, the effect can be further expected.

  -Product specifications-

Ingredients: purified water, cocoa butter TEA glutamate, cocamidopropyl betaine, cocoamide DEA, platinum, silver, cellulose gum, sodium bicarbonate, BG, glycerin, sodium benzoate, EDTA-4Na
Contents: 80ml
Weight: 115 grams
Dimensions: H133 x W45 x D45mm
※ This product is only for cleaning items, please do not use it on the human body


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