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Super Super (SUPER)-Spla Shower · Blue | Special auxiliary headgear accessories

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The revolution of the industry, 45mm ヘッド対応!   倀异のヘビー级スーパーsuper vibration を、やわらかで心地よいフェザータッチに!
Industry revolution, compatible with 45mm headgear! Amazing heavyweight super vibration, soft and comfortable feather touchsense!

-product features-

The fine brushes scattered like a fountain stimulate sensitive parts and mucous membranes like living things.
Gentle feather touch.

-Product desciption-

Compatible with 45mm headgear! Amazing overweight super strong vibration and soft and comfortable feather touch!
This product is an accessory compatible with [Tidal Super] (head diameter 45mm). Please note that this product cannot be used alone.

Just wear it on top of the tide stick, and it can turn heavy vibrations into delicate pleasures.
In a comfortable place such as; nipple and clitoris jumping. It is made of skin-friendly silicone,
Its design is also easy to clean.

-Product specifications-

Body size: H60mm X Φ60   point: Φ 28.5mm
Body weight: 45g
Carton size: H133×W65×D65mm (フック部を含む)
Total weight: 75g


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