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Japan Advanced SM Bondage Tape-Purple BONDAGE TAPE

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SMプレイの must アイテム・ボンデージテープ! 髪の毛にくっつかない専用テープで片付けも楽チン♪
A must-have item for SM games, the strap! Special tape that does not stick to the hair!

-Product desciption-

It is an adhesive tape that only adheres to each other and does not adhere to hair, skin, tables, etc., so it is not sticky and easy to remove.

Although it is strong enough, it will not tear even if pulled, but it will not leave marks on the skin.
It can be used anywhere on the body, such as wrists, feet and eye masks.

-Product specifications-

Available colors: red, black, purple
Tape length: 15m
Body size: W50 x H50 x D95mm
Total weight: 112g

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