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Japan ChiChiKuri Rotor-CHICHI · チチ | Nipples Development

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Sensitive なバストトップにピンポイントで吸い付きながら、じわじわ試する究极のシリコン・ブラシ!
This ultimate silicone brush gently stimulates your skin while sticking to the top of your sensitive breasts!

-Product desciption-

With soft cups and seductive tentacles, one or two people can enjoy 120 kinds of pleasant vibrations, and newly introduced "Chichi" and "Kuri". In the small "Chichi" cup, there is a very thin brush made of soft silicone. It is a precise nipple rotor that can wake up the nipple, feel the nipple and reach the sensitive point of the nipple.

The ultra-fine vibrating ultra-fine brush is as exciting as a feather. Vibration power 12 levels x 10 vibration modes, a total of 120 pleasant vibrations. The soft cup locks the position of the nipple! Don't miss it and let them escape easily.
The main body of the rotor has been processed with high-quality cushions to make the vibration stronger. You can enjoy it by applying it directly to sensitive areas. Moreover, it can be easily washed with water, so it is always clean.

You can enjoy this breast rotor quietly by yourself or use it with your partner happily. The refreshing feeling is perfect for tickle games. If you turn the cup over, it will become a short brush and can even be used on the sexy areas of the entire body. This is a very cute product, which literally means "milking".


 -Product specifications-

Controller size: H85×Φ28mm
Rotor size: H95×Φ25mm
Body weight: 50g
Box size: H250×W68×D37mm
Total weight: 120g
Affiliated product: AAA battery x 2

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