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Ancient Temple-Delay Spray for Men | Affordable and effective!

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Small and exquisite bottled, easy to carry, a must for going out on a date and opening a room!

-Instructions for use-

30 minutes before Ai Ai, lightly spray 1-2 times evenly on the coronal sulcus of the penis. Once you find the dosage that suits you, you can easily use it again and again! After spraying for about 30 minutes, the body can absorb it. At this time, bathing, bathing and washing will not affect the effect!


Due to different personal physiques, it is recommended that those who use this product for the first time, test the spray to find the most suitable amount for them.
The product has a slight paralyzing effect. Using too much dosage can cause erectile difficulties before love.It is recommended to bring a condom before oral sex. (Topical spray, not oral!)




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