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Okamoto 001-Blue Label | Ultra Lubricated Version

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ゼリーの量がオカモトゼロワンの 2 times!灌が伝わりやすい料のため、ぬくもりを感じられます! !
The lubrication effect is twice that of Okamoto ZERO ONE! You can feel the warmth because it is a material that conducts heat easily! !

-product features-

  • No rubber odor
  • People who are allergic to natural rubber latex can use it with confidence
  • Because it is a material that transfers heat easily, you can feel the warmth
  • 0.01mm thin condom, more lubrication than traditional products
  • Odorless, made of water-based polyurethane, with elasticity and good fit
  • It is individually packaged and marked on the male side, so you don't have to worry about wearing it!

-Product specifications-

Odor: None
Taste: None
Color: none
Material: Waterborne polyurethane
Contents: 3
Packing size (mm): H126×W76×D26


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