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Tianxiaxue-Bungee Touch の Volume (the latest fourth generation) | A big hit in Asia, with praise and praise on sale

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Ride Japan’s classic material "Bungee Touch" has finally come to the world! The right amount of softness will gently cover you. It gives you excitement from front to back, full of sensuality!

★The fourth generation of Bungee Touch, the fourth-generation Bungee Touch, tight touch ★

Ride Japan is a hole in the world, the previous work alone broke through in Taiwan and Japan4.5 million subscriptionAfter three generations of previous works, RIDEJAPAN set off again, launching the latest fourth-generation Bungee Touch roll (tight touch), which is the fourth famous instrument in the Tianxiaxue series. Although it is only a single-layer structure, the product is made of high-stretch and high-elastic materials.Coupled with the wavy channel inner wall and huge meat block, it gives you a very tight insertion feeling! Don’t think that it’s over. The most popular CQ uterus design of their brand is added to the tail. Suck your faucet tightly. It is a famous device that gives you the strongest pleasure in front and back, left and right.

■Product size (mm)
Vertical 205 Horizontal 135 Depth 75

■Product weight (g)

■Product size (mm)
Length 175 x Width 70 x Depth 70

■Product weight (g)

Stick emulsion


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