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Japanese tide superb-ripple · SAZANAMI | Japan's most popular No.1 vibrator

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High-quality Japanese-made バイブ! 初心者でも安心のサイズ、女の子が大好きなもっちもちmaterial♪ 絶みつくカリと2个の羽根がクリをみ㏾み㏾込みみ込みクリをみ菾。
High-quality vibrator made in Japan! A safe size for beginners, and a girl’s favorite rice cake material♪ The clitoris is tightly sandwiched between the two entwined wings, bringing unprecedented pleasure!

-product features-

※Made in Japan of Anxin and Xin頼 | Made in Japan makes possible four highest grade

【Quality Control Craftsman】The highest level of safety and performance
In June 2019, the Japan Food Analysis Center conducted tests for hazardous substances. All clear strict standards! It has been found to be a food grade elastomer.

【Material no Crafts】Fully pleasing skin texture
The ultra-evolved version of Pure Skin feels as close to human skin as possible, and is soft and entangled in the entire vagina. It is the best quality in Japan because it has no smell and stickiness!

【Product Design Craftsman】Unprecedented modeling created by Edo Master
A master who knows the female body thoroughly analyzes the G-spot and clitoris! The uneven shape based on the internal vaginal engineering can promote the mid-abdomen.The design allows you to achieve the ultimate pleasure!

【Engineering Design Craftsman】
With the powerful 6V high power 4 AAA alkaline batteries, the product has unlimited performance.

-Product desciption-

Plan to Seal-From planning to manufacturing to packaging, all made in Japan!

In the "Hot Products of the First Half of 2019", the overwhelming No. 1 popularity ranking occupies the top spot of all massage sticks!


  -Product specifications-

Body size: Full length 220 X W40 X D83mm
Insertion diameter: up to 38mm
Body weight: 210g (weight without batteries, the package contains batteries)
Packing size: H260×W80×D43mm
Total weight: 290g
Subsidiary products: AAA manganese battery x 4 (for running test)
※The accessory battery is used for running test. Please purchase 4 AAA alkaline batteries separately.


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