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Japanese super popular Ju-C No. 7 [Juicy]-Goddess Runaway!!! | 3 kinds of love bondage plates

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3つのバリカタプレートでペニスを包囲! ゴリゴリresponsibilitiesめる不通通型オナホール!
Use three bondage plates to surround the penis at the same time! Inconsistent, blame the Play type!

① The seventh Ju-C series! The cartoon airplane cup is embedded with different materials.
② The three triangular plates push up the inner protrusions and stick them tightly on the penis.
③ It is not too tight, but has high adhesion and strong stimulation. Tighten the vacuum further!


"Ju-C[多汁]7 3 kinds of love bondage plates"It is the final form of "super compact" × "internal structure"! The comfort level is more evolved [3 types of love bondage plates], built-in powerful! Powerful! No matter how strong it is! Crunch! Crunch! Tighten again~!Power Generation with Love_ Triangular and harder design 3 types of plates can freely adjust the parts that want to increase stimulation, tightly wrap and strengthen in key parts! It maintains the same comfort level as the previous Ju-C products,According to personal preference, you can adjust the sense of hold and strong pleasure. Use momochi material. Safe domestic materials & domestic production. Packaging box illustrator: Xiaomei けいと

■Product size (mm)
Vertical 175 Horizontal 80 Depth 80

■Product weight (g)

■Product size (mm)
Vertical 160 Horizontal 55 Depth 55

■Product weight (g)

GPROJECTxPEPE 5ml lotion / G PROJECT storage bag


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