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Japan ENEMABLE-Type-γ · Remote Control Dragon Diamond | Prostate Massage

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Industry を席巻した adult 気前立発発グッズ「エネマブル」がグレードアップし究极の快感を味わえるThe latest タイプが debut!
The latest popular prostate development product "Enemable" that has swept the entire industry has been upgraded to showcase the latest types of new upgrades, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate fun you have never experienced!


The weight brought by the heavy head shake can better produce the resonance that stimulates the prostate.

With 12 different frequencies, 10 vibration modes, a total of 120 massage combinations,
Including the super easy-to-handle remote control, the safest, comfortable and novel and exciting male prostate orgasm massage stick.
Immediately let you enjoy the pleasure of male prostate orgasm that you have never experienced before, and a prostate massage that most people can't experience × at the same time bring double the pleasure of orgasm!

Body size: total length 130 x insertion part 92 x maximum diameter 25mm

〇Product introduction

In response to the enthusiastic request of many "Enemable" enthusiasts, a "deepening system" was born, allowing you to enjoy 120 pleasant vibrations in a deeper place!
Experience the boring poisonous dragon drill massage experience from beginners to advanced players.

By using medical-grade silicon as the insertion part of the main body, the adhesion during insertion can be improved.
Both before and after use are hygienic and easy to clean.

The exquisite shape and flexible arms allow you to experience the fun of going deep into the body.

You can enjoy its shape, it can generally stimulate the prostate, and its perineal hook has a movable arm that can be adjusted in 3 steps.

Equipped with a remote control with IC function, this remote control can achieve 120 kinds of vibrations used in the "Type-R" series of absolute climax vibrating eggs, while maintaining complex design and quality!




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