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Instant 001-warm feeling · HotType | Disposable lotion 180ml

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The first in the industry! Extremely cold and hot typ のローションが is here!! After using it, はサッと約き取れる、簡単手軽な洗いDon’t ローション001 seconds シリーズ!
The industry's first! Extremely cold and scorching lotion is now available! The easy-to-clean 001-second no-wash emulsion can be quickly wiped off after use!

-product features-

Feel the warmth of the skin spreading from the core!

-Product desciption-

After use, you can quickly wipe clean with thin paper...
While maintaining the ease of use of the conventional "disposable lotion 001 second series", there are a total of 4 new types (extremely cold, cold, warm, and hot) that can stimulate your fun!

Contents: 180ml
[Made in Japan]


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