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SAGAMI Sagami 002-Blue Edition 6's Pack | Super Lubricant

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人生が変わる! サガミオリジナル002!
Life is different, Sagami original 002!

-product features-

| Achieve a thinness of 0.02 mm *. (The standard thickness is 24 microns)

  • Polyurethane material with high biocompatibility replaces conventional rubber.
  • There is no peculiar smell of rubber.
  • With excellent thermal conductivity, it can immediately convey the warmth of the skin.
  • Because of the smooth surface, you can get a natural feel.
  • Recommended for people allergic to natural rubber.
  • This product uses a bird’s nest small bowl packaging design, so you can take it out and place it as it is.

-Product specifications-

Quantity: 6 pieces
Material: Polyurethane
Color: colorless and transparent
Shape: Standard
Place of Origin: Malaysia

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