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Shenxian Water Lubricant-Erectile Power · Beast Type 180ml | Auxiliary Lubricant

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The "Shen Xian no Water" series, which was originally a popular Japanese erotic drink drip, has now been developed into an external lubricant, which also contains a wealth of ingredients!


-product features-

【Erectile force · Beast type / Erectile force · Wild Veterinary Type】

Improve male erectile ability: enhance male erectile state and improve male sexual performance.
Beast type: Contains black ant mixed extract, making you extremely powerful and wild tonight.

--- From Tokyo City's late night fun enhancing lubricant.


-Product desciption-

The popular love supplement "Shen Xian no Water" in Japan has become a lubricant, making it easier to use! This is not an ordinary emulsion, although it is transparent, tasteless and tasteless. However, it is rich in content, containing black ant extract, zinc yeast, odorless garlic, etc., which can store the power of nature. It not only facilitates smooth insertion, but is also stronger and trouble-free.

In addition, it also includes 17 plant extracts that are beneficial to the skin. You can also enjoy flirting before and after sex.

Use a one-touch lid that is easy to carry and can be opened with one hand. The beautiful label design full of Japanese flavor is very suitable for gifts and souvenirs. [Safe, high-quality lubricant produced by a mature Japanese cosmetic manufacturer].

Ingredients: purified water, sodium polyacrylate, ant, zinc yeast, odorless garlic, garlic root extract, Roman chamomile flower extract, wolfberry root extract, honeysuckle extract, sardine leaf/stem extract, Odorikosou flower/leaf/ Stem extract, Dutch Garashi leaf/stem extract, Red pine bulb extract, rosemary leaf extract, lemon fruit extract, Sugina extract, hop flower extract, sage leaf extract, Sabonsou leaf extract, Clematis leaf extract, Hibamata extract, Yukisou flower extract, BG, EDTA-2Na, propynyl iodide butyl carbamate


-Product specifications-

■Capacity: 180ml
■Weight: 210g
■Size: H150×W46×D46mm
[Made in Japan]

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