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Perfect orgasm for women CREAM 2-Squirting · Extremely boring and frantic | North America Exclusive

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絶対イカせる极致―― さらにその先へ, "絶対イカせる50 times クリーム" is here!
The pinnacle of the absolute orgasm-"Further improved, "50 times more sensory pleasure ingredients" is now available for sale!

| Only local products in Japan. Now exclusive in North America. · Toronto is open for sale "Anshin and Xin頼のMade in Japan"
媚薬を使うとイク时の感覚が全然於う!? 禁断の「媚薬セックス」を市川まさみちゃんが Guide!

-Product function-

【Squirting · Extremely maddened crazy / Extremely squirting · 濃狂乱の】

A miraculous cream that improves female libido, increases sensitivity in private parts, and keeps women moisturized

--- A supplementary cream from Tokyo Metropolis to enhance late night fun.


-product features-

  • Apply directly on topAbsolutely stimulating effect of mellow ingredientsThere is no sense of violation and harmony
  • The magical South American herb that keeps women moisturized, moisturizing non-stop!
  • Awakening erogenous zoneRelax your mood and greatly increase your sensitivity!
  • This is a reversal desireSay goodbye to indifferent desire anointing.

-Product desciption-

Made in Japan and sold locally in Japan, it is not only safe, but also in line with the expected "99.98% climax!?" There are all the functions that are rumored to have. "Absolute Orgasm Cream" has reached the ideal type of love tonic. And, while gaining support from the huge Japanese people, our goal is to go further without harming the "beyond series of products". Through the unremitting pursuit of ecstasy, we have studied ancient Eastern and Western materials. After trial and error, I found a new formula. We successfully selected 50 times the luxurious blend of ingredients and carefully selected a dense and sensual evening. An easy-to-use female sex cream, tasteless and tasteless, and can be carried in a pocket. Of course, made in Japan, safe and reliable. "An Xin Toxin頼の日本制です". It's also available for men. Use it with your partner. The effect is great!

The "Absolute Orgasm" series will continue to pursue diversified sexual hobbies, and always pursue different methods and manufacturing methods. This sex cream will melt the woman and bring an unexperienced excitement during love.

-Commodity ingredients-

Glycerin, PG, purified water, carbomer, potato os root extract (wild yam), 4-aminobutyric acid (GABA), BG, butyl carbamate, iodopropionyl iodide, sodium hydroxide

-Product specifications-

Body size: H23 X W39 X D39mm
Contents: 12g
Packing size: H88×W50×D25mm
Total weight: 30g

-Instructions for use-

Spread a finger evenly on the private parts and nipples, and wait for absorption.


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