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Japan's best climax LOTION-warm type 180ml | mini carry

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Beginning in the industry!  Rishiri konbu is matched with the highest quality Japanese style ローション!
The industry's first! The highest-quality Japanese-style lotion that uses refined seaweeds that are beneficial to privacy!

-product features-

A warm lotion that makes you feel warm when you touch it.
With the colorful LOTION mucus, you can enjoy the unique moist texture of glycerin and make your skin gentle. Every time you rub it, it will make a colorful sound and heat up your PLAY!

-Product specifications-

Capacity: 180ml
Total weight: 210g
Size: H150×W46×D46mm
[Safety and Safety Made in Japan]

Ingredients: glycerin, purified water, polyquaternium-39, PG, fucoidan, sodium ascorbate (vitamin C derivative), butyl carbamate propionyl iodide
[Colorless/No fragrance, weak acidity]


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