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Absolute orgasm shaking egg-Type-R CLAW | Pure Black

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Simply use the +- button to fine-tune 12 kinds of vibration force, 12 LED lights flash in order of intensity, bringing 120 kinds of vibration combinations! According to the results of the questionnaire survey, the design of the "Shaking Egg" was well received!

-product features-

[12-stage vibration change] x [10 vibration modes], 120 pleasant vibration combinations can be performed!
Once you taste this vibrating egg, you will definitely love it!

[Silent performance and durability]
The built-in motor is strong and quiet. In addition to anti-breaking, it also has a waterproof design, so you can use it anytime, anywhere!

【Advanced frosted surface processing】
The surface treatment using medical-grade silicone can provide a smooth feel and gently transmit vibration.
It fits comfortably in your hand and can be used in fragile places with confidence.

【TypeR CLAW】
The characteristic is the curved structure like a fingertip. Stimulate the target position accurately and firmly.

-Product desciption-

Simply use the +- button to fine-tune 12 kinds of vibration, and 12 LED lights flash in order of intensity. Want to enjoy simple and perfect vibration, provide you with 10 vibration modes, multiplied by 12 intensities, and provide up to 120 combinations. The high-quality frosted surface feels comfortable to the touch, and the egg body is made of high-grade medical silicone, which is safe and soft, and the maximum speed is 14,000 times per minute! ! ! Strong vibration! !

Maximum speed: 14,000 rpm

Controller size: H86 xΦ28mm
Vibrating egg part: H50×Φ17mm

Packing size: H140 x W90 x D40mm
Total weight: 105g
Use 2 AAA batteries (including batteries for operation check)


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