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LETEN Remote Vibrator ❈ Feather Brush · Pink | Invisible Vibrator

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------- Outdoors inside the house, tranquil park, romantic cinema. Quiet design, anytime, anywhere, remote start, roll and tremble! !


❈Commodity features❈

| Brush up and down the honey beans, then gently insert the brush particles to scrape the G point, which is unbearable...
  • The measured vibration speed reaches --- 11001 revolutions per minute!
  • Three-speed seven-frequency, three-speed flirting, three-step climax
  • Quiet design <45 decibels, almost silent
  • USB wireless direct charging N20 micro motor
  • Wireless remote control (15 meters controllable)
  • High-quality silicone, silent design, whole body waterproof
❈Product introduction❈

Low-level tremor --- Turn on a mode of slight numbness, across the earlobe
Mid-range tease --- Turn on the second-level vibration mode, such as double foot clamps and horseback
Strong shock --- Turn on the third gear shock mode, insert it into your body, and enjoy the convulsive orgasm

❈Product specifications❈

Size: 88mm × 30mm
Color: pink
Material: ABS, silicone
Power supply: lithium battery
Volume: <45 decibels
Waterproof: fully waterproof
Total weight (including packaging box): 100g

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