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Remote control vibrating egg-"Type-R · Pink" the world's first!

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The beginning of the world!  远分プレイの歴史を涂り代える、マニアが考案した本当に「外」で使えるリモコンローター!
First in the world! The remote control rotor designed by enthusiasts to be used "outside" rewrites the history of remote control games!

-Product desciption-

The remote control equipped with 12 LEDs can fully control the long-distance vibrating egg! According to the 12LED lights on the controller, the vibration intensity of the vibrating egg can be adjusted at any time.

This is why SSI uses traditional 12LEDs for remote control rotors.
The remote control is easy to operate and looks like a car key even from the pocket.
When you say Isa! You can stop it with a button (automatically turn off the power within 5 minutes) in any high power state.
12 kinds of power x 10 kinds of vibration modes = 120 kinds of pleasure can be freely manipulated to find the climax of the partner.

The high-grade silicon-coated rotor is light and powerful.
Moreover, since it is completely waterproof, it can be completely washed.
No matter how sticky you are, don't worry!
It also supports long-term PLAY via USB charging (approximately 60 minutes after fully charged).
Using a dedicated cable, it can be charged anywhere, thus expanding the scope of the game.

The unique silencing design makes the No. 1 remote rotor quiet.
In addition, it is fully compatible with "shorts with pockets" equipped with sound insulation pads.

-Product specifications-

Controller size: H54 x W32 x D9mm
Vibrating egg size: H76×Φ20mm
Weight: 40g
Box size: H175 x W105 x D35 mm
Total weight: 80g
Accessories: Coin-shaped battery CR2032 x 1 (battery delivered for operation inspection)


※ Special accessories | Super recommended ※

-Outdoor remote control vibrating egg special underwear-
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Safer and more comfortable remote play! T-back shorts with vibrating egg storage bag! High-performance sexy underwear that can reduce sound leakage through the silencer pad!


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