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[Limited Edition] REALBODY-D Cup • Zichuan sauce | All-round upgrade version

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Safe material of food レベルで、よりリアルで、えっちに! なめても吸っても Peace of mind, the highest もみ心地と抱き心地!
Food-grade safe materials, more realistic and pornographic! It is safe to lick or suck, and it is the best touch and hug feeling!

※ Special products; Compared with the "normal model" REALBODY, this time the "limited model" has undergone a comprehensive upgrade from the internal skeleton to the skin material, and all the production lines are manufactured on the main island of Japan! All materials are made of the most anthropomorphic topSilk skinProduction, the safety level reaches the food level. ----"DNA Silk Skin II" Japanese patent.

With the full cooperation of popular manga artist Sumisuzu-sensei, a big sister body with a compact D-cup golden ratio came out. The charm of body, flesh and weight has been fully reproduced. A bright and loving beautiful sister will let you enjoy her perfect breasts. No matter how long you continue to massage, the elastic and firm breasts will not fatigue. The beautiful waist protruding from the waist, the sexy back line and the young body you can play with at any time are all yours. Please enjoy.

-product features-

● Made in Japan, high quality, tasteless and harmless

"DNA Silk Skin II" is a high-quality elastomer material made in Japan, a high-quality artificial skin material with excellent safety.
After the most stringent food analysis and testing, you can suck and lick with complete confidence. Odor and stickiness are also suppressed to the maximum.

● Realistic elasticity and touch

The elasticity of human skin, and the grip of real human skin.
Because the breasts are chewy, Japanese-made breasts have the highest reputation for sexual comfort.
Tailor-made by Japanese craftsmen with superb craftsmanship, realizing lifelike skin tone and cherry-colored nipples.

● Adopt 3D skeletal system

The internal bone part firmly supports the soft body. You can use any position, including your favorite riding position.
This is a large doll that is very similar to a real human body, but also combines a realistic sense of weight.
Due to the difference in bone structure of the "limited model", the weight has also increased. [Design registration number 1557106]

● Experience the sense of reality while enjoying virtual reality

This is a large toy that perfectly matches the VR device. A surreal experience that feels better than real people, and it's solid!

Combined with a realistic sense of weight, you can feel a full sense of presence when watching a movie with a VR device. By thrusting, grasping and touching in the same posture as in VR, you can completely indulge in it to achieve a surreal experience, feeling even better than a real person!

○ Internal structure【Vagina】
・Vagina will produce different stimulation according to the depth of insertion
・A welcome vertical folding area that entangles the penis immediately after insertion
・LOVE area where densely distributed protrusions generate random stimulation
・Tighten the uneven area of the penis
・Stimulate the bulky uterine area of the glans

○ Internal structure [anus]
・The anus will produce different stimuli according to different positions and insertion positions
・The horizontal folding area will show its true value when the penis is pulled out
・Reverse folding zone that generates strong stimulation by friction
・Six consecutive LOVE ZONEs give high impact
・Multiple horizontal creases continuously attack her innermost part

●Size: Full length 430mmx Full length 320mm
●Weight: about 11 kg
●Packing size: H490 x W290 x D215mm
●Gross weight: about 12.5 kg
●Material/Composition: DNA Silk Skin II (elastomer material)
Food analysis test completed [No. 14011814001-01]
Compliance with the Food Sanitation Law (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Announcement No. 370)
Made in Japan

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