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Space Capsule-Night Trek Sex Capsule 708PRO | Thunder North America Exclusive Special Contribution

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Thunder 708 is a male masturbation device produced by Thunderstorm brand in 2020. The product is cool and futuristic. It combines innovative functions such as plugging, sucking, heating, drying, and bed calling. It even has a body that can simulate women. The deodorant function can be said to have improved male entertainment products to a new dimension from all aspects of vision, hearing, touch and taste. And there are more than a dozen independent patents, which are currently the most popular high-end male products!

"Fighting for Love" micro movie
"Fighting for Love" Micro Movie | Adult's Convenience Store × Space Capsule × Future Girl × Future Sex
Sweat battle ☝ is about to start...



From the planet Sola in the constellation Sagittarius of the Milky Way in 2079, it is a mysterious civilization composed of high-value women. The planet Sola was invaded by the evil empire, the planet was facing destruction, and all women faced the fate of being enslaved. At a time of crisis, scientists on Planet Solar discovered that the "mysterious energy" hidden in the male body of the earth is the key to replenishing energy for the female warrior.

In order to save civilization, Sola female scientists used unique technology to create an energy collector-"Future Sex Pod", and dispatched three selected female warriors; "Night Trek Goddess Bobo", "Phantom Jisu Yujie Black" With "Golden Storm Lolita Babe". They secretly carried semen collectors tailored for them to earth across time and space, and collected "male semen" to solve the serious shortage of energy for the female warriors on the planet. The situation is very critical! Only the warriors of the earth can pull out their swords to help Planet Sola through the difficulties...


-Equipment introduction/weapon function-

In order to better collect energy, the future girl brought the product of the black technology of Solar Planet-the future sex cabin. It incorporates as many as 25 sci-fi-level sex equipment, surpasses five sensory experiences, awakens the seven senses of the body, and lets love experience through the sense of flesh, groaning, vision, thrusting, body fragrance, temperature and sucking Upgrade, let your desires explode with the seven senses and reach the state of pleasure.

  • Dark night red armor (upgrade customized version), double flywheel speed piston, upgrade infinite air compression shrinkage, 708 Alice avatar channel / 708 fantasy alien channel, constant temperature heating, automatic drying, three-language sound, 708 female warrior Perfume, fleshy virtual skin;
  • Stepless change of cabin pressure, 10 kinds of sucking automatic clamps by tapping and pulling, free control of sucking and contraction, sliding rail and airbag compression technology fast and slow, and you can experience the pleasure of different tension at will;
  • Double distance to push the cabin body high-speed piston, synchronous clip suction and expansion, 360-degree circulation heating, warm current automatic drying, built-in airflow heating system automatic drying, 12V direct plug-in direct use;
  • Three languages of Chinese and Japanese Sola are alternately uttered, volume adjustment, loud speaker, Bluetooth connection;
  • 708 female warrior deodorant perfume can be adjusted on and off, and the virtual skin texture is smooth and exquisite and soft;
  • Accessories are included in the weapon box; the inner core can be easily detached and replaced, the deep dream blue special-shaped model, the wonderful red incarnation model, and the two soft meats are arbitrary. Night Trek female warrior bobo body perfume, body fluid lubricant.

-Equipment specifications-

Packing method: handmade box Material: ABS, TPU, PU, TPE,
Accessories list: outer packaging handmade box, black card box*2, perfume, power adapter, warranty card, manual, lubricant, soft meat
Product size: 126*100*280mm Packing size: 320*210*115mm Carton size: 450*340*380mm
Red channel: mouth diameter: 18.5mm liner length: 136.6mm liner depth: 122.5mm
Blue channel: mouth diameter: 19.2mm liner length 140mm liner depth: 122.5mm
Liner weight: about 150g
Product net weight: 2.3kg Packing net weight: 14.34kg Packing gross weight: 15.57kg Packing quantity: 6PCS
Number of motors: 2 Motor model: 390 motor + 395 motor Motor speed: 390 motor -12000rpm, 395 motor: 13550RPM
Power supply mode: AC 100-240V mode: 3+7
Operating noise: ≤80db
Use crowd: people over 18 years old
Anti-counterfeiting verification: there is an anti-counterfeiting label on the outer packaging box, just scan the QR code
Production date: see outer packaging
※As the product is a smart product, if you don't use it often, please charge it once within three months to avoid self-consumption of the battery and avoid battery aging.

 - Maintenance -
1. Do not clean the cup body and prohibit any liquid from entering the cup to avoid short circuit or damage to the electrical appliance;
2. Just wipe the inside and outside of the cup body (cup shell) with a dry rag or dry tissue;
3. For places that cannot be wiped, you can use the cold air function of the hair dryer to blow away the dust (note that hot air is not available);
4. If liquid enters the cup shell accidentally, wipe it clean immediately;
5. After taking out the inner tank for cleaning, it must be wiped dry both inside and out before putting it back in the machine;
6. Please do not open the inner tank when cleaning, do not use hot water to rinse, to avoid damage to the inner tank;
7. Keep away from high temperature and dirt, and do not place it in direct sunlight;
8. After using the product, please turn it off in time to avoid long-term operation, which may cause the aging of the movement and affect its life.
- Precautions -
[Warning] Failure to follow these safety instructions may result in fire, electric shock, injury or damage to the product or other financial affairs. Please read all the safety information below before use.
1. This product is only suitable for adults, and it is forbidden to use by minors;
2. If you feel unwell during use, please stop using it;
3. It is necessary to check whether the product is damaged regularly, please stop using it if it is damaged;
4. The product complies with applicable surface heat standards and restrictions. However, even within these limits, continuous contact with hot surfaces for a long time may cause discomfort or injury. If your body has a condition that affects the body's ability to perceive heat, please be especially careful. People who are not sensitive to heat must pay attention to it;
5. Check the power adapter cord before use. Using a damaged cord in a damp environment may cause electric shock; before inserting the adapter into the power socket, make sure that the AC plug is fully inserted into the power adapter.

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