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Extremely high raw waist three generations-Mizuno Chaoyang | Extremely thick flesh · Two-point double experience!

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Experience the passionate collision between reality and female worries! Lustful young woman Mizuno Chaoyang's white sexy big butt, very heavy holding feeling, two-point channel, DOUBLE FEELING!

-product features-

【Honey Cave Tour Guide】

The first stop [Honey Point Cavity Mouth]-the tightly bound entrance, the real image of the private parts squirm, and down is the tightly adsorbed sphincter
The second stop [Pellets Meat Wall]-Large, densely raised [salmon roe]-like particles are more exciting
The third stop [肉蒂肉壁]-The contraction of the horizontal lines of the adsorption point more restricts your meat stick and glans
The fourth stop [big meat ring plate]-rich and flexible huge meat spots, do your best to absorb you
The fifth stop [Spiral flesh wall]-Winding longitudinal raised folds, countless slender folds densely envelop you
The terminal station [womb zi pot]-the gentle package of bondage is at the end, giving you the most space for release

[Guide to Shiri Cave]

The first stop [Anus Entrance]-Full of shame folds, a constricted mouth with cuteness in shame, and the longitudinal lines of the anal wrinkles lead straight to the rectal opening
The second stop [rectal passage]-Tighten the anal sphincter, which is as strong as holding your penis
The third stop [S-shaped colon]-The small curved S-shaped colon is bound by the curved intestinal wall covered by the small anterior folds
Terminal [Descending Colon]-The small raised descending colon mouth is the interactive terminal of the rear courtyard that collides with you

-Product desciption-

The third generation of the extremely thick waist, the extremely thick double-channel-Mizuno Chaoyang, [Pussy] Two sexy labias up and down suddenly make people look very lustful and let you imagine the deep twists and turns inside. [Peach buttocks] The buttocks of plump young women are full of sensuality. In terms of materials, the Japanese workmanship is indeed full of sincerity, very flexible, and the cute little navel design gives you a feeling of sticking to the belly of a real girl. With a high weight of up to 6KG+, this kind of collision is unmatched by small appliances! !

-Product specifications-

Dimensions: 270 ×270 ×170 mm
Product size: 270×270×170mm
Product weight: 6kg
Subsidiary products: emulsion
※Please wash, dry and store carefully after use.

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