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Electric simulation penis-BRAIN · Medium | Heating constant temperature

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------- Simulation series, with hardness, temperature and depth, satisfying the explosion table! !

-product features-

  • Telescopic plug and intelligent heating
  • Simulation appearance Strong vibration of glans
  • Cycle charging, soft and fleshy
  • Soft skin-like outer layer, tall and elastic inside
  • Real human body softness and hardness "Imitation of full glans" "Imitation of muscle veins" "Imitation of strong testicles"
  • 42° intelligent constant temperature, rapid heating
  • Mini jack, all silicone waterproof protection

-Product desciption-

The product muscle spray gives you an unprecedented high-level enjoyment. Directly hit your flower heart! Crazy friction, 360-degree rocking stirs your flower heart to hit your G point to make you reach climax faster!
Every deep impact will make you feel refreshed ~ full of strong muscles sweep across your sensitive points. There is a burst button that suddenly hits your nectar, allowing you to reach a climax in an instant~ With the waterproof function of life, you can enjoy the pleasure of water anytime, anywhere!
The use of cyclic USB charging makes love moments, love keeps power off! The powerful suction cup can suck on any smooth surface, whether it is in the bathroom or the kitchen~ Release your hands at any time, and change your battlefield at any time!

Please bend the penis before use, and determine the bending amplitude according to your preferences, so as to better experience the pleasure of swinging!

-Product specifications-

Product size: Length: 13.0cm/17.5cm (including base suction cup), diameter: 3.6cm
Function: One-key heating, variable frequency vibration swing, telescopic thrust vibration, intelligent heating
Material: Double-layer fleshy TPE+ABS silicone
Color: Flesh
Power supply: USB charging
Battery life: 1 hour
Noise: 65 decibels
Waterproof: life waterproof

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