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N.P.G-Warm heating rod | Simulate real human body temperature

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Plug and heat, avoid the cold experience, restore the warm and lively hot spots of Japanese actresses! !

-product features-

※A product specially made for famous devices or inverted buttocks, insert it for a moment, and you can feel the same temperature as the real actress's famous points.

  • USB interface, super practical, super warm!
  • Plug and warm, simulate real human body temperature!
  • High-quality ABS materialSafe and smooth!

-Product desciption-

The aircraft cup heating rod made by NPG company is suitable for ordinary aircraft cups, actresses, inverted buttocks, real dolls and other silicone products. Insert the heating rod into the hole and wait for 5~10 minutes, then pull out the heating rod to enjoy the lively hot hole! !


Insert the USB heating rod into the USB port of the computer, socket, etc., apply a little lubricating fluid on the body of the stick and insert it into the name device, wait for about 5-10 minutes, unplug it, and enjoy the name device! Afterwards, dry the stick body with a damp cloth or paper towel!

 -Product specifications-

Color: milky white
Material: ABS
Size: 158×20mm, 79mm (USB cable)

Do not soak the heating rod in water for cleaning

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