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Denma Tide Superb-KURO DENMA・AQUA | A masterpiece of battery massage stick [the strongest]

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The legendary Pink Denma series continues to satisfy people's sweet wishes. It has a new pillar of battery-powered and completely waterproof! The product has a slender and beautiful appearance, and it can be used for both internal vulva massage and vulva massage in one!

● Completely waterproof (IPX8)!

The battery box has a unique waterproof structure, which can be completely waterproof (IPX8)!
It is 100% completely coated with highly waterproof high-grade silicone material, soft to the touch, and non-slip.
It is not only safe for people who are prone to get wet, water and often use detergent, but also can be used on the ground, and it is extremely easy to clean completely!

● This is a product that massages and stimulates both "external vulva" and "internal vulva"!

Even if he is a great tide, but it can also be inserted and used!
The smooth and slender head can precisely stimulate the libido zone, and it can also be inserted for play!
It is the perfect choice for people who want to take care of both inside and outside.
If it is set with 31mm standard headgear accessories, such as [Pink Denma 1], it will have more playability.

● Start immediately, no need to charge!

It can be used immediately with spare batteries and can bring people to a happy planet without wires and charging.

● 120 kinds of pleasant vibrations!

A small powerful motor is installed on a small body, and the speed range from weak to strong is about 6,000 rpm.
The swing range exceeds the "Pink Denma Super", you can fully experience all the experience from soft to hard.
Gently press the button, you can immediately switch the tickling vibration to the maximum tremor mode!


I want to enjoy in the rhythm! I want it to jump in my body! The tide of this highest peak (specification) in history can satisfy all your fantasies!
12-stage vibration strength × 10 different rhythm frequencies! No need to recharge, use immediately ◎

Continuing the concept of "Pink Denma Super", it can be used underwater, such as in a bathtub or swimming pool, and can be used in any entertainment venue on land or in the air.
Through unremitting research, we have successfully reduced its weight and reduced its size.
While maintaining various power and vibration modes, we have achieved sophisticated design and reasonable engineering settings. This is the [strongest] masterpiece in the history of dry batteries.

Power supply: Alkaline AAA batteries x 4 (sold separately) Product length: 192 mm, head diameter: 34 mm, handle thickness: 38 mm Weight: 150g (without batteries)
Packing size: H215 xφ40mm (including hook) Total weight: 165g
Attachment: Instruction Manual [Pink Denma] is a registered trademark of SSI JAPAN.
Registered trademark number 5708048 [Kurodenma] is a registered trademark of SSI JAPAN. Registered trademark number 5708049

※In order to reduce the load on the motor, please do not use it continuously for more than 20 minutes.
※Waterproof performance may decrease according to the frequency of use and aging.

イッちゃう電マが絶対見つかる ピンクデンマシリーズ 比較まとめ!完全防水&小さめヘッドで中イキもOK!乾電池タイプ最強パワー完全防水、静音、ハイパワー!無限大のオーガズム感じたいなら一番コンパクトな伝説のデンマ! 小さめヘッドでピンポイント刺激カラー・アタッチメントが豊富で使い分け! スムーズなカンタン操作Amazon年間ランキング第一位! 低速振動のソフトタッチで深イキかわいいヘッドはそのままに、振動パワーと操作性をバージョンUP振動パワーも振動パターンもプラス! イカせるデンマで神のイキへ

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