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DNA JAPAN Gold Lubricant-Heating type 120ml (recommended for winter) | Highest quality

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ゴールドコロイドを 合した、光辉く至高の high-quality ローション! Gold anti-acidification パワーで、日々のセクシャルライフをグレードアップ!
The shining top-grade emulsion containing gold colloid can enhance your daily life quality with its golden antioxidant capacity!


●Thermal type

A heat-generating model that can be heated by just mixing in!
It is recommended not only in the cold season, but also in places that feel cold and when using cold adult products.

Ingredients: glycerin, purified water, sodium polyacrylate, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, sodium bicarbonate, gold, silver, EDTA-2Na, propynyl iodide butyl carbamate
■Thickness index: 2 (thickness)

The rare metal [gold] that has been cherished since ancient times is mixed into a colloidal solution.
It blends into the body's immune system gently and without irritation, and brings a luxurious texture.

It uses a large amount of the world's purest Japanese water to extract and mix with selected raw materials and technology.
It is a combination of multiple ingredients, putting practicality in the first place, so it is suitable for the delicate skin and body of Japanese people.
It is an unaccustomed non-silicone water-soluble emulsion, so it is easy to wipe off.

The DNA brand on the label is the "best advertisement". It is a symbol of satisfying all customers and enriching their quality of life.

Water-soluble lubricating fluid: Capacity: 120ml
Size: H125×W52×D30mm
[Made in Japan]



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