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GPRO Women's Alcohol Latex-Drunk Weimei (for external use) | Slightly drunk and slightly hot sensation, rapid increase in pleasure!

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じんわり温めて身も心もトロトロに、アルコール Ingredients を 合した的女用マッサージジェル!
Slowly heat your body to make your body and mind warm and relax. An alcohol-containing female massage gel!

① A female massage cream that can be applied to the penis to relax your body and mind and make you bolder and more comfortable!

② When used, it heats like a warm lubricating fluid, and it can also be applied to your massage toy.

③ Apply directly to sensitive parts, made in Japan, with the goal of quality first.


★Colorful women are the best★  Like the brand name "Drunk Weimei", a latex for female massage with alcohol. When you finish drinking alcoholic beverages, do you have a slight sensation of body temperature rising? It feels like that. Applying to sensitive parts of women can achieve a relaxing effect both physically and mentally.Have fun more boldly than usual…. In addition, it is derived from plant ingredients, so it can be applied to sensitive parts with peace of mind.Manufactured in Japanese factories, registered products for cosmetics. Men and women... Let’s enjoy a better night together! ※(Reminder from our shop) People who are allergic to alcohol or have skin irritation after use, please stop using it.

■Product size (mm)
Vertical 83 horizontal 92 height 24

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■Product size (mm)
Vertical 83 horizontal 92 height 24

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