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School Girls-Hitomi Kitagawa | New Edition

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Actress のボディを is completely reproduced, and Deli Mara Lian続 is the top school girl
Completely restore the body of the actress, continuous orgasm female school students

-product features-

  • Tempting and sexy entrance, strong sense of wrapping, full of excitement
  • The internal structure is a double-layer channel, matte private parts, so you can't stop
  • The cavity design is exquisite and complex, which highly restores the structure of the girl’s private parts and stimulates a realistic experience
  • Concave and convex meat glue particles are densely covered in the super channel, bringing you waves of pleasure and stimulation
  • Skin-friendly material, soft and flexible, very provocative touch, like holding a girl in her arms

-Product desciption-

The popular AV actress Hitomi Kitagawa is endorsed by Hitomi Kitagawa, based on Hitomi Kitagawa as the prototype, with a girl-like compact private structure and two-story channel structure. Experience the dream enjoyment of female school students and arouse your unlimited desires!

-Product specifications-

Inner box: Actress famous device Actress kinky and smelly love liquid (100ml)
Specification: W140mm×H210mm×D77mm
Total weight: about 700g

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