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Women's perfect orgasm CREAM-Wetness · Secret Meat Awakening Extreme | Women's Firming Awakening Cream 🆕

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ひと涂りで無乱レディに大変身! 绝対イカせるクリーム debut! ラブクリームの統极形が、めくるめく快楽ををの夜をを
After painting, fornication and transformation! The ultimate female cream, let her spend a happy evening!

●Dampness · Secret Rouxie no Extreme

Various ingredients widely used in sexual enhancement supplements, such as angelica root and arnica flower,
It can activate female sexual ability, and sage is an ancient herb. It is also mixed in angelica to make the skin of small holes moist and firm.

It can enhance female eroticism, increase sensitivity, and promote orgasm pleasure. After applying it, you can transform into a fornicating lady! Absolute orgasm debut! More lewd, more sexy! Let the sexual desire that women love more condense!
Feel the warmth after applying it, making the night more attractive! The climax is repeated, and the top is continuous! Full of love liquid, lewd squeaky voice! The lewd voice can't stop!


For a night of the highest level of eroticism, Japanese craftsmen mix the raw material extracts that enhance women's sensitivity with an excellent golden ratio.
An odorless and tasteless cream that comes in a small container and can be placed in a pocket. Please take an appropriate amount before use, massage your private parts after applying it, and your partner will be full of passion. Made in Japan, safe and reliable.

[Component] Corning ri ã Surlyn, PG, purified water, grades Hikaru Baldwin ma have, Suites Dow ki root Ester ki su, manufactured Hikaru Konica flower Ester Ink su, manufactured Hikaru gi ni nn, manufactured ro Ester Bakelite ra leaf Ester Ink su, BG, Bio ta ne ni nn Pesresin Ester Ink su, Oligo Baldwin Dow root Ester ki su, Bio ド ri U Toso Dow Flower / Leaf / Stem Ester ki su, ã イ ヨ Dow ア grades Matsumoto cone Ester ki su, ku Orient Co. Acid, Susana Ess, Sejiye Ess, Rin Acid Ascorbal Mg, Hydrate Na

Packing size: H88×W50×D25mm
Total weight: 30g
Body size: H23×W39×D39mm
Contents: 12ml
How to use: Apply a proper amount of cream to the private parts 5 minutes before sex, and then massage a little.
The effect and duration of action vary according to different physiques
※ Made in Japan, imported from Japan.


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