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Women's perfect orgasm CREAM 2-Super orgasm · Infinitely perfect | Feminine pleasure enhancing cream 🆕

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絶対イカせる极致―― さらにその先へ, "絶対イカせる50 times クリーム" is here!
The pinnacle of the absolute orgasm-"Further improved, "50 times more sensual pleasure ingredients" is now available for sale!

 ●Super Orgasm · Infinite Extreme

This is an orgasm cream that can make you squirt several times
Coenzyme Q10 and Hibamata can enhance sexual vitality at the cellular level, and Hibamata stores the unlimited nutrients of the ocean!
A pleasure-enhancing cream, which contains a high concentration of orgasm ingredients, to maintain orgasm continuously.


Made in Japan is quite safe, in line with users' expectations for product safety. It is said that 99.98% of users can climax! ?
To achieve the ideal orgasm enhancement cream, we are not satisfied while gaining great recognition. The goal is to "exceed the limit"! !

We have conducted research on ancient and eastern and western materials, and after repeated trials, we have found a new formula!
After carefully selected luxurious ingredient blending, it succeeded in 50 times of luxurious ingredient blending.
Provide you with a night of awakening and intense sex.

An odorless and tasteless cream that comes in a small container and can be placed in a pocket.
Please take an appropriate amount before use, made in Japan, safe and reliable.

People's needs will change, so the best material will change, and the gameplay will change.
The "Absolute Orgasm" series continues to satisfy diverse sexual hobbies, and always pursues better materials and manufacturing methods.

[Ingredients] Cerium, PG, purified water, Kalbomim, Koemane Q10 (ユビキノン), ヒバマタエキス, ブチルカルバミミンミンピルカルバミンミンル

Packing size: H88×W50×D25mm
Total weight: 30g
Body size: H23×W39×D39mm
Contents: 12ml
How to use: Apply a proper amount of cream to the private parts 5 minutes before sex, and then massage a little.
The effect and duration of action vary according to different physiques
※ Made in Japan, imported from Japan.



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