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JY doll matching function-APP Bluetooth voice function (required for sleeping and chatting) | Intelligent voice interactive system

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Bluetooth wireless induction sound function: In order to make the doll closer to the experience of real people, an intelligent voice system is added. Sensors are implanted in five parts of the doll's body (chest, lower body, and thighs), which are touch sensitive. The sensor uses button batteries, because the power consumption is very small, the battery will not be exhausted within three years.

The battery capacity of the sound module is about 2500mAh, the standby time is 20 days, and the continuous use time is 5 hours. (Please charge it for 3-4 hours after receiving the goods for the first time.)

Long press the button on the sound module to make an appointment, and you will hear a female voice prompt to say hello after turning on the phone. (This module is not waterproof, please do not contact with water during cleaning, otherwise it will cause a short circuit, which is not covered by the warranty).

The sound module can be connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth and used as a Bluetooth speaker.


Intelligent dialogue Dual control of voice buttons pudendal induction                                       

Automatic dormancy, Volume adjustment, Sound of making love to bed

Smart charging, chest sensory pronunciation, the sound of my sister-in-law calling out of bed

Sister-in-law babbles in bed     

2. Button definition:

Press the button (1). Long press to turn on/off. When the startup language is spoken, any action is invalid, and it will only be effective after the startup language is finished.

(2) Double-click to turn on the pop mode and open the voice recognition mode

(3) The pronunciation of 3 touch points can interrupt the voice recognition, and the voice recognition cannot interrupt 3 touch points.

Prompt: (No action for 2 minutes) Brother, are you asleep? Do you still want love?

          (No action for 5 minutes) My dear, happy time with you always flies quickly, let's play again next time! Remember to miss me

Papa mode language: the Papa mode has been turned on, there are three character choices, only call the bed, no dialogue (Papa starts the default Xiaoai mode, the same as the start-up language can be called the bed)

              Brother, Xiao Ai is here, let's have sex

Brother-in-law, I'm here, let's fuck

Sister-in-law is lonely. Sister-in-law can't help it anymore. Let's have sex  

Charging words: Brother, I'm almost out of power, please charge me first!

Start-up message: Brother, you are here, Ai Ai misses you, hurry up and chat with me!

              Brother, let's talk for a while!

Shutdown speech: My dear, happy time with you always flies quickly, let's play again next time! Remember to miss me

Sound size: Divide into 5 grids, the default is one grid (that is, the third grid)



Smart dolls are strictly prohibited from getting water on their necks, or plugged in. The plug-in time is 20-40 minutes. If it exceeds 40 minutes, it will cause the doll to melt and catch fire. The store is not responsible for the consequences.


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