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Japan Loscul-My junior is a little devil HARD EDITION

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膣アナル楽しめる large 2 points オナホール
You can enjoy the large two-point buttocks of the vagina and anus

① The 2 acupoints are slightly harder, in which you can tighten her vagina and anus tightly
② Both acupuncture points have a special structure. On the side of the vagina, in addition to the warts, there are also a large number of folds that engage them from above and below.
③ The anal passage is like a snake's path, thin and curved, and it strongly tightens the entire penis.


My junior is a young Momojiri little devil, with a strong hip waiting to be conquered by the hardcore man! The mysterious structure of the private entrance is a violent stimulating insertion experience. At the entrance of the little devil's palace at the deepest point of insertion, the exquisite stimulus can make you experience the feeling of ascension to heaven. At the same time, the little devil’s palace mouth will not hesitate to suck up all your semen! Come and feel the wonderful experience of 2D SEX~!

■Product size (mm)
Vertical 270 Horizontal 220 Depth 150

■Product weight (g)

■Product size (mm)
Vertical 210 Horizontal 220 Depth 120

■Product weight (g)

180ml bottled lotion


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