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LoveVibe Little Fairy Vibrator-Panda Pink | Praise is in progress♪

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The first vibrator for fairies. FIRST VIBE IS LOVE VIBE──The Kawaii Vibrators series of small animals born from "Shibuya Vibe Bar"!

♥Product introduction

Introduce a simple and cute vibrator. It is highly recommended for girls who have never used a vibrator or who do not like vibrators.
It has a super cute design, a smooth and skin-friendly texture, and five animal shapes!

Both the swing range of the rod and the vibration strength of the little cute object can be operated individually through a sliding switch.
You can control them individually as you like by sliding the controller up and down.

In addition, the main vibrating rod body adopts a flexible arm, and the angle can be adjusted freely.
Bend gently to stimulate the points you like!

Spend a good time with the little cute things~ each has its own unique look~!

Body size: H200 x W33 x D73mm
Insertion length: 92 mm
Insertion diameter: 35 mm
Weight: 180g
Packing size: H220 x W100 x D65mm
Total weight: 305g


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