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Proof of Famous Device-Okita Anri | Two Points Special

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"これが名器だ!" The strongest function in history, ボディ! "Okita Apricot no Misana and Aanaru loyalty reappears!!
"Masterpiece!" The strongest sexy body ever! Faithfully reproduce the vagina and anus of "Okita Anri"! !

-product features-

| Famous instrument manufacturer N.P.G Nippori releases the tenth series "2-hole 3-fold structure non-through signature engraved"

  • Top TPE, skin texture, pleasure upgrade!
  • Spiral structure, multiple stimulation, diverse gameplay
  • Three-dimensional carving, skin texture, thread ring meat wall
  • A strong sense of juicing and wrapping, perfect 1:1 restoration of Okita apricot pear double-point famous device!
  • Comes with Okita apricot pear kinky love liquid (imitation smell, color, viscosity, PH value) and Okita apricot poster (completely waterproof)

-Product desciption-

| Double-cavity channel six-fold structure

[Dual channel design] Simulates the entrance shape of the goddess, the inner mucosa is soft and flexible
[Entrance mucosal layer] Enter the double-layer compact entrance thread around the suction to stimulate the extrusion of the narrow channel
[Slim passage] The middle passage is tightened in vain. The narrow passage has a strong contrast
[Inner cavity] The cavity is full of raised particles 360° tightly surrounding your sensitive nerves
[Backyard] The threaded design brings layers of pleasure. G-spots are covered with small horizontal lines and firmly caress every inch of your nerves
[Gongkou] The tail end simulates the uterine mouth, tightening and shrinking, full of large particles, and enjoy the explosive experience

-Product specifications-

Inner box: Okita apricot famous ware Okita apricot lewd and smelly love liquid Okita apricot poster (no mosaic)
Outer box: 240 ×155 ×120 mm
Total weight: about 1000g

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