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Goddess sacred artifact-Budding sacred artifact of Kimura Duna | Japan's five-star luxury bonus

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The sacred instrument of Kimura reappears! ! "ひだ"まで感じられるリアル shape! !
Faithfully reproduce Kimura’s sacred equipment! You can even feel the true shape of the "folds"! !

-product features-

  • Human muscle touch×super realistic clitoris×perfect vaginal opening×simulated G-spot protruding granular tingling pleasure×vaginal folds×uterine exposure area
  • The world’s latest double structure, breakthrough 3D solid modeling technology, ultra-high flexibility
  • The latest technology, ultra-high durability UP!
  • Simulation of skin texture, soft and sensual
  • 3D internal structure, restore the real stimulation
  • Comes with imitation Kimura Tuna's true scent, color and viscosity of love liquid 100ML

-Product desciption-

TAMATOYS × TMA jointly launched the world's highest work, built with the world's latest technology and dual structure! The outer skin is lifelike, smooth to the touch and full of girly elasticity, and the inner channel is soft and moisturized, which perfectly simulates the state of fullness and congestion in the private parts of women during orgasm. When entering, they fall into the fairy realm of the goddess's private parts to perfectly restore the skin texture and vagina shape. Physical casting technology, simultaneously launched in Japan! !

Japanese five-star luxury special edition works, the world's latest two-fold structure, breakthrough 3D solid modeling technology, ultra-high elasticity, simulation of skin texture, flexible and sensual. Who knows the degree of internal truth. Friends, it's worth starting to play with the collected works.

-Product specifications-

Inner box: Kimura sacred artifact × Kimura 100ml lubricating liquid × Kimura signature poster (waterproof) × Kimura signature carved
Outer box: H240mm×W145mm×D110mm
Total weight: about 1100g




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