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Denma Tide Superb-PINK DENMA 1st Generation | The Strongest Vibrator in History

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毾対イカせるデンマ「ピンクデンマ」がバージョンアップ! The cumulative number of シリーズ sales, 1.5 million breakthrough!
The Japanese show "Contradictory Showdown" has won a total of four winning products, and the cumulative sales have exceeded 150!

-Product desciption-

The winning work of the Contradiction Show in Japan ※ The most popular massage stick in Japan, the cold actress Rei Asamiya defeated the product in the Japanese "Contradiction Showdown" program. Using the 【Strength Tuning Key】+【Mode Switching Key】, the two are combined to create a new 10 kinds of vibration modes & stepless strength adjustment combined into 50 kinds of vibration modes, and the maximum number of rotations is 17000 per minute! Nano waterproof technology & high-quality velvet material, fine and detailed texture! Two color options, waterproof life, extremely silent.



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