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RealBody ✚ 3D Skeletal System-Antiquity Girl • You You Li | Oversized Box [Attention to Receipt]!

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极上プロポーション「グラマラスゴシック」が、wait looking no リニューアル!よりリアルに! よりcute らしく! おっぱいコアソ美國コアソソいコアソソソいコソソソいる2
The long-awaited update of the best proportion "Seductive Gothic"! more realistic! More lovely! Beautiful two-layer structure with both breasts and pussy!


-product features- 

  • Extremely foul figure and charming lines!

The [Real Body] series embody the ideal proportions with the latest 3D graphics technology. This time the model is Chinese girl You Youlian in traditional clothes. In order to maximize her charm, we carried out a major renovation from the packaging.

  • Both chest and lower body have been upgraded!

The chest of cherry-colored nipples has a built-in soft material, which makes the grip feel more realistic. The beautiful and powerful bell shape has an excellent paizuri feel. The anus and vagina have a double structure of mucosal color. Since this layer is very thick, the durability is perfect.

  • Over 8 kg weight!

Please enjoy the excellent body made of 120% smooth and elastic material and the best friction feeling. The comfortable slender waist will firmly accept your impact.

  • Use the latest 3D skeletal system!

Built-in newly designed 3D bones with excellent stability. You can play in any position (including riding position). The feeling of the ribs is transferred to your fingertips, for a better sense of reality. Please enjoy the excellent body made of 120% smooth and elastic material and the best friction feeling.
[Design registration number 1557106] 
-Internal structure-

・Mature folds compressed vagina structure perfectly wraps your penis!
・The ridges and wrinkles will show their true value in the fierce impact!
・The deepest uterine bag will trap your glans. Don't let go before ejaculation!


・The tight anus and the strong twisting feeling are beyond imagination!
・The fun of exploring caves is everywhere, with numerous screw-like meat balls arranged in a large area!
・It’s so comfortable to enjoy the explosion in the deepest part!



Illustration: Sumisuzu-sensei
Body size: length 48CM x width 28CM
Weight: about 8 kg
Packing size: H615×W435×D250mm
Total weight: 10kg


・Strongly twisting the body may cause damage.
・If the waist is bent for a long time, it may be damaged, so if you do not use it for a long time, please lay it flat.
・Wrinkles may appear on the waist, but this is not a defect because it is caused by the manufacturing process.

※ This product is a [Final Sale/Final Sale] after confirming the receipt, there is no return service; in case of quality problems, you can contact the manufacturer for replacement, and our shop can help customers contact Japanese manufacturers.


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