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PPP soft Q bullet anal anal plug-three-segment spur 24mm

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サイズ小さめ形さまざま、ビギナーさん向けシリコン made アナルプラグ、PPPのビギナーシリーズ第2弾 ♪
The exquisite, small, and bizarre shape, the most suitable silicone butt plug series for beginners, and the second PPP butt plug series debut ♪

① The easy-to-use silicone anal plug series are suitable for beginners to expand.
② The thick end of the anal plug has high elasticity, and the thin end of the anal plug has flexibility.
③ Three bulges stimulate the sphincter muscles. They are short in size and the insertable part is about 8.5 cm.
※ Made of high-quality top-quality silicone that is the safest and safest!


The addictive soft Q-bolt anal plug is super comfortable! Based on the concept of "the first anal device", the second part of the PPP's anal device beginner series♪ 3 spherical rhythm-like comfortable "maximum diameter 24mm‧Aft court rod with minimum diameter 18mm". It is made of high-quality silicon material that is safe and secure. It does not cause your burden, and is improved to a softer and easier-to-enter hardness. The hardness of the products produced by the company is reduced by 10%, which can bring every inch of stimulation as if it melts.

■Product size (mm)
Vertical 106 Horizontal 66 Depth 50

■Product weight (g)

■Anal plug size (mm)
Vertical 94 Horizontal 54 Depth 24

■Anal plug weight (g)


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