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Complete Famous Device #09-Sato Haruka | Won the Japan Commodity Award

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さとう遥希の名器があなたのものに! ! The image では味わうことの出ない生の is moved! !
Sato Haruka's masterpiece is yours! ! The original impression you can’t taste in the video! !

-product features-

  • Next-generation 3D scanning technology
  • Popular actress' private parts faithfully reproduce
  • Exclusive endorsement by the well-known Japanese av actress-Haruka Sato
  • Simulator feels like a real person
  • Thick and compact internal design, enjoy layers of stimulation
  • Comes with 100ML imitating Sato Haruki's true scent color and viscosity love liquid, and Sato Haruka poster (completely waterproof)

-Product desciption-

From the front, you can clearly see the appearance of Sato Haruka that has been completely replicated. The beautiful labia is gently opened, and the lifelike part of the pubic nucleus is really realistic. When you gently pick up the famous device, it feels It's really solid and soft. It feels as real as if you directly touched Sato Haruki's skin. The delicate texture and particles inside restore the complex structure and complicated pipes inside Sato Haruki. Every step is A new stimulus, the lure of the real vulva, men are just like being sucked up! That kind of realism makes them want to tease her with their hands

-Product specifications-

Inner box: Sato Haruki Sacred Artifact, Sato Haruki 100ml Lubricating Liquid, Sato Haruki’s Signature Poster (completely waterproof)
Outer box: 14.2cm×23.0cm×10.8cm
Total weight: about 800g  


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