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Japan Maruei Delay Spray-2H&2D Latest Black Gold Edition | Effective in 10 minutes

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ザ・ゴールドスプレーのギフト専用パッケージ仕様です。 High-quality senseあふれる黒箱で时と地方を选びません。
Japan Maruei Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the latest male premium black box external delay spray that can be used anytime and anywhere.

-Pursue the ultimate music doctrine and create the sensual charm of love-

Maruei 2H&2D Naijin Spray is developed based on the characteristics of oriental male skin. It is far superior to similar products in Europe and America in terms of product safety, use effect, and comfort. It is the only male external spray approved by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan.

MARUEI グループ Maruei Group Co., Ltd., a biopharmaceutical company established in 2007.


■ Instructions for use

[Use 10~15 minutes beforehand, one bottle of up to 1~2 years]
Method ① Gently spray on fingertips 1 to 2 times, and then evenly apply to the coronal groove of the penis.
Method ② Lightly spray 1 to 2 times on the coronal sulcus of the penis, then wrap it with the foreskin.

Once you find the dosage that suits you, you can easily use it again and again! After spraying for about 10~15 minutes, the body can absorb it. At this time, bathing and washing will not affect the effect!

■ Product introduction & product evaluation

"2H&2D Black Gold Edition 15ml" has an absorption time of 10 minutes, and the effect lasts for 1.5 hours. The ejaculation time can be prolonged by about 30 minutes on average. The delay effect is similar to "An Taiyi Enhanced Edition". However, compared with "Hangjiu II Enhanced" and "Longshui Enhanced", it takes half the time, and if the penis is not rinsed after use, the female will notice it during oral sex without condom, which is slightly inferior to others. Brand. But compared to other brands, the 2H&2D Black Gold Edition has almost no numbness after use and does not affect the hardness, and the feeling after absorption is also the most comfortable. It hardly has any effect on the pleasure of making love, which is considered a part of the extended time, but in exchange for a better sex experience.

※ Our company has recently introduced 4 brands of products with the best delay effects in the market through investigation and actual measurement recently. It is recommended that customers purchase the most suitable delay products according to their needs. (Thank customers for their continued support to the store, and hope that we can continue to provide you with the best products and services.)

■ Note

1. This product is for external use, oral administration is prohibited;
2. No irritation to skin and mucous membranes, no need to rinse after use;
3. Do not apply to the urethral opening;
4. It shall not be used for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in sexual life;
5. People with allergic skin should use it with caution, and those with broken skin should not use it;
6. Please keep it out of reach of children;
※ Due to different personal physiques, it is recommended that those who use this product for the first time use a test spray to find the most suitable amount for them. [Shelf life: 24 months]

Ingredients: pure water, clove, honeysuckle, cistanche, maca, wolfberry, polyhexamethylene biguanide 0.3%, etc.




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